Festival Outfits

Boho Chic

Think flowing skirts, crochet tops, and styles that bring you one step closer to nature. Boho-inspired festival outfits are classic for a reason: they allow you to feel the breeze, soak in the sun, and swing to the music completely uninhibited. Honestly, what more do you want from a festival experience?

The Crochet Edit

Vintage Cowboy Boots

Eight Essentials for the Perfect Festival Look

Learning how to style killer festival outfits and fit everything in your travel bag can take an expert level of expertise, so we decided to help.

Raves + EDM Shows

Raves, EDM and electronic festivals are maybe the most fun to dress for. Why? Because the sky is the limit for what you can (and should!) wear. Layer mesh with trippy patterns or center your outfit around a holographic showstopper (hello, favorite holographic rain jacket). Add accessories like iridescent cowboy hats and statement earrings. Here, shop our curated collection of festival wear tailored to all of your favorite raves and electronic shows!

The mesh edit

Top it off with a festival-ready cowboy hat

Holographic + Metallic

With electronic music festivals, go bold or go home. Bright colors, metallic finishes, and skin-baring cuts are key to your festival outfit. Animal print is your favorite neutral and psychedelic prints are your BFFs. Pro tip: don’t forget accessories! Shop earrings and necklaces that’ll lock in that double-take. 

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